project name
Eulalia tears - LLUMBCN2015

done for
LLUMBCN2015 for the City Council of Barcelona submitted by IAAC.

corporation / team
Tobias Grumstrup Lund Øhrstrøm, Alejandro Martinez del Campo, Robert Douglas McKaye, Alessio Verdolino Professional team (IAAC): Areti Markopoulou, Silvia Brandi, Mathilde Marengo, Maria Kuptsova, Anastasia Pistofidou, Anna Popova, Alexandre Dubor, Guillem Camprodon, Luis Fraguada, Carlos Gómez Collaborators: Mery Glez (Out Of Format), Ignacio de Juan-Creix y Umbert (tl3), Carmen Aguilar y Wedge (tl3), Meral Ece Tankal (tl3)


The intimacy of the existing courtyard, located at Carrer de Santa Llúcia, 1, its distinctive elements, among which the lovers palm tree and fountain, as well as the well-known tale of the Saint Eulalia, together fed the concept of Pluja de Llum.
The concept of the installation follows a mixture of the elements of the tale of Santa Eulalia, in particular her tears, transforming these into a conceptual rain. A luminescent rain, a rain of light, emanating from one of the protagonists of the courtyard, the palm tree.

When entering the courtyard, the visitor is not fully made aware of the scenography that the courtyard beholds. The internal patio area is seamed off, leaving the visitor to meander through the porch of the courtyard, and being able to perceive, through a series of small holes in the sealing of the interior patio, or snapshots, what is in fact happening: the luminescent rain falling from the central palm.

The visitor is then called upon reach up to the superior level of the patio, through a sound interaction system, defining the intensity of the light, and finally opening them to the infinite rain of the courtyard. The visitors look down upon the luminescent rain, into an apparently infinite well – reminiscing the existing fountain -, the courtyard itself, transformed through the implementation of a reflective surface – water flooding the ground floor of the patio – making the patio finally seem never ending through the infinite reflection, as the rain of light itself.

Hence, Pluja de Llum – or luminescent rain – proposes itself as the dialogue between the intimacy of the existing courtyard, as the tears of a young girl, and the proposed infinity that emerges, reflecting the perseverance of the tale of Santa Eulalia, and finally the festivities invoked by the BCN Llum 2015 festival.





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