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Jacob Drachmann
Katrine From
Tobias Grumstrup Lund Øhrstrøm


A student project done for the Co2penhagen 2009. The task was to make sculptures/structures which could mark the entrances and the information area at the first co2 neutral music festival in the world.
It was important that the sculptures could make a clear sustainable statement.
The project focused on transportation and reusing of building materials and entire building structures.
Building materials are transported across the world today, and large amounts become garbage after use. The structures should represent a vision of sustainable life for buildings before and after use. In the future different transport demands could be integrated in the infrastructure, so that you could have building materials and pupils in the same bus together in the morning.

Concept Rules for the sculptures:

1. Moveable with bus
2. Flexible building system
3. constructed by unprofessional 
3. Light, strong, sustainable materials
4. implementing textiles and lights
5. Big volume and less materials





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